FARMACY Healthy Soils - Page 3

Healthy Soils
– Customer Soil Audit
Examples of some of the information
contained with the soil audit report
will include:-
Cropping &
Cultivations Review
Assessment of current practices
with historical use of the land, crop
rotations, cultivation regime and infield drainage. Aerial images will also
be used to show key field/soil features.
A detailed visual evaluation of soil
structure conducted through the soil
profile and recorded in detail with
photographs. Where possible the soil
structure will be assessed to 1m depth.
Infiltration Assessment
The ability for the soil to allow water
to permeate through the profile is
measured and categorised – revealing
any issues with soil structure,
capping, impermeable horizons in the
profile – requiring correction.
Soil Health test
and Soil Texture
A full soil texture assessment is
conducted to determine sand, silt
and clay composition, while soil
health is assessed using techniques
such as the Solvita C02 burst test.
Key Organisms &
The soil population of key organisms
(principally earthworms) is assessed
to show the numbers of Epigeic,
Endogeic and Anecic worms within
the top 200mm of the soil profile.
Soil Yield Potential
Assessment with Omnia
Based on the information gathered,
Omnia analyses the local field data
and information alongside regional
information to calculate a theoretical
potential yield that should be
achievable. The variance between
the potential yield and what is
actually currently being achieved
can then be explored to identify
what are the critical limiting factors
which need to be addressed.
pH & Key Nutrient
(Macro and Micro)
The soil pH profile is assessed on
3 horizons - at the soil surface,
~ 150mm depth and at 300mm
depth. Soil samples are taken for
laboratory assessment of the key
macro and micro nutrients.

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