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Your Soil Audit
Examples of some of the information contained with
the Healthy Soils audit report
Cropping & Cultivations Review
Assessment of current practices with historical use of
the land, crop rotations, cultivation regime and in-field
drainage. Aerial images will also be used to show key
field/soil features.
A detailed Visual Evaluation of Soil Structure conducted
through the soil profile and recorded in detail with
photographs. Where possible the soil structure will be
assessed to 1m depth.
Infiltration Assessment
The ability for the soil to allow water to permeate through
the profile is measured and categorised – revealing any
issues with soil structure, capping and impermeable
horizons in the profile.
Soil Health test and Soil Texture
A full soil texture assessment is conducted to determine
sand, silt and clay composition, while soil health is
assessed using techniques such as the Solvita C02
burst test.
Key Organisms & Earthworms
The soil population of key organisms (principally
earthworms) is assessed to show the numbers of
Epigeic, Endogeic and Anecic worms within the top
200mm of the soil profile.


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