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MARCH 2019
Stuart Hill
developing technology, knowledge
and advice for sustainable farming
Project Helix is go! This unique new project combines developing technologies
and knowledge to deliver the on-farm advice for the future.
The agronomist and grower
relationship needs to evolve over
the next 10 years. Grower surveys
around the country have identified
and confirmed that the grower
business is looking for something
different over this new era, with the
advent of supporting technologies
and an ever increasing knowledge
and advice requirement.
We are exposed to a plethora of
technologies such as data analytics,
climate, machine learning, sensors,
monitoring, detection systems,
autonomy and robotics – these are
all becoming common words in our
agricultural vocabulary.
There is now a need to evaluate
which technologies are relevant and
ultimately increase productivity and
profitability, as well as efficiency, both
for the grower and the agronomist.
Utilising technology, we see a huge
change in how the agronomist works
and makes decisions alongside their
growers. For simplicity, we want
to work with one system that can
channel decision support tools and
help the agronomist and grower
engage in strategic, and in-season
tactical decision making. If things are
not straightforward, they will not get
used. Omnia has already begun this
journey through its proven precision
applications, so it makes sense that
it becomes our central decision
support channel.
Through Project Helix, Hutchinsons
are already collaborating with
technology businesses to identify what
is of value and then developing them
further to support decision-making.
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