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The Hutchinsons Foundation
is the most professional and comprehensive training
programme within the UK agronomy profession.
New entrants to the Foundation are selected each
year from a range of universities and colleges, as well
as from positions within farm management and other
related backgrounds.
The Programme
The first programme in the UK to
fully equip new agronomists with the
expertise and client-focus required
to build strong on-farm relationships,
which are essential for profitable
and sustainable crop management.
The Foundation has successfully
established more than 50 new entrant
agronomists over the past six years.
Investing in
the future
Our People
The success of the company
is a strong reflection of
the commitment and
enthusiasm of all its team
members working closely
together cohesively and
effectively. The company’s
culture encourages and
values input from all those
within the business.
Hutchinsons has an
enviable reputation as
one of the foremost
employers of agronomists
in the UK and we have long
recognised the importance
of investing in staff training.
Highest Standards
Innovation & Technology
The Foundation is structured to
provide training and support for the
development of all the skills necessary,
for the successful marketing & provision
of agronomic services and agricultural
product supply.
Innovation drives much of what we
do, which keeps us at the forefront of
technical thinking. Tailoring our services
to individual client needs is what really
matters. This differentiates us and
makes us leaders within our sector.
Modular Structure
We are at the forefront of modern crop
production technologies and continue
to invest in robust field-based R&D,
which underpins all of our services
and products.
The modular structure of the
Foundation training programme is
provided by both internal and external
resources and is delivered to the
highest standards available within
the industry.
Technical & Commercial Training
The programme consists of two years
intensive academic research, training,
assessment and qualifications. This is
followed by a further year of support
during which graduates receive
continued coaching in all areas of
technical and commercial performance.
The Hutchinsons Foundation forms
the basis for the on-going training
and development of all
Hutchinsons agronomists.
In-field IT
Client Focus
Our in-house IT Team ensures that our
agronomists have all the information
they need at their fingertips.
Service quality is extremely
important to us and we
offer comprehensive and
competitive services and
Outstanding Candidates
The Foundation selects outstanding
candidates, who demonstrate the ability
and the dedication to develop their
technical, commercial and interpersonal
skills to the highest levels within
the profession.
Commercial Success
Industry Recognised
• Conservation Management
• Soil & Water
• Personal Development
• Commercial/Business Development
Our commitment to careful selection,
in conjunction with our professional
training programme, ensures that
Foundation graduates gain significant
competitive advantage and are
given every opportunity to achieve
ultimate success.
A brand new approach to precision
farming, which uses multiple sources
of information to provide highly
sophisticated, agronomic analysis
and recommendations. This drives
more informed and profitable crop
management decisions.
We work with more than
10,000 farming clients
representing over 1,000,000
Through the Agricultural
Industries Confederation
and our own direct activities,
we campaign vigorously to
ensure policy-makers know
British farming’s needs
Hutchinsons is a long-term
supporter of sustainable
farming practices through
the Linking Environment
And Farming (LEAF) project.


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