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Directors’ report
Directors’ report
The directors present their annual report on the affairs of the Group, together with the financial statements and auditor’s report,
for the year ended 31 March 2019.
The directors who served throughout the year, except as noted, were as follows:
Baroness Helen L Liddell (Chairman)
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed 1 April 2017
Helen was appointed Chairman on
1 May 2017. She was a member of
Parliament from 1994 to 2005 and a
Government Minister from 1997 to 2003.
She served as British High Commissioner
to Australia between 2005 and 2009. A
former BBC Economics correspondent,
she was previously a Director of the
Scottish Daily Record and the Sunday
Mail and CEO of Business Ventures.
Vivek G Ahuja
Non-Executive Director
Appointed 23 October 2018
Vivek joined Terra Firma as a Partner and
Group Chief Financial Officer in January
2018. Subsequently, Vivek joined the
board of Annington Limited in October
2018 through Terra Firma’s appointment.
Vivek has three decades of experience
in global finance and over 20 years in
senior finance roles.
Fraser S Duncan
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed 17 December 2012
Resigned 31 March 2019
Fraser is a Chartered Management
Accountant and has a degree in
Economics and Statistics from York
University. Fraser’s early career included
time at Unilever, five years in strategy
consulting with Cameron Consultants,
and a number of senior roles within the
BET Group. He chaired the Audit and
Finance committees until early 2019
and resigned from the Board effective
31 March 2019.
Patrick R Finan
Non-Executive Director
Appointed 31 January 2018
Resigned 12 November 2018
Patrick joined Terra Firma in 2010 and
was the previous Head of Finance at
Terra Firma. He was appointed to the
Board of Annington by Terra Firma.
Patrick resigned from the Board effective
12 November 2018.
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Justin M King
Non-Executive Director
Appointed 3 March 2016
Justin joined Terra Firma as Vice
Chairman and Head of Portfolio
Businesses in September 2015.
Subsequently, Justin joined the board
of Annington Limited in March 2016, as
a representative of Terra Firma. Justin
has a wealth of business experience
in a thirty year career in fast moving
consumer goods and grocery retailing.
He was CEO of Sainsbury’s between
2004 and 2014, and sits on the board
of Marks and Spencer and the Public
Interest Body of PwC.
Jonathan O Short
Independent Non-Executive Director
Appointed 1 April 2017
Steven K Webber
Non-Executive Director
Appointed 17 December 2012
Resigned 31 March 2019
Steve has an MSc in International
Securities, Investment and Banking from
the University of Reading. Steve joined
Nomura’s Principal Finance Group, the
forerunner to Terra Firma, in 1996 and
was a Managing Director at Terra Firma
until 2016. Steve resigned from the
board effective 31 March 2019.
James C Hopkins
Chief Executive
Appointed 29 October 2012
Andrew P Chadd
Chief Financial Officer
Appointed 29 October 2012
Nicholas P Vaughan
Commercial Director
Appointed 29 October 2012
Andrew joined the Board of Annington
in 2010. Until 30 June 2012, he acted
as a representative of Terra Firma on
the board and held the roles of Secretary
for the Audit, Finance and Nomination
& Remuneration Committees.
On 1 October 2012, Andrew was
appointed the Group Chief Financial
Officer (“CFO”), having acted as CFO
Designate since 1 July 2012. Andrew
joined Nomura’s PFG, the predecessor
of Terra Firma, in 1999. Since then, he
has been involved in a number of Terra
Firma’s portfolio businesses.
Nick joined Annington in December
1998 as Financial Analyst, Strategy and
Programme Manager. He was appointed
Commercial Director in January 2001
and joined the Annington Board in April
2001. Nick came to Annington from
The British Land Company plc where
he worked on a number of strategic
property projects and acquisitions.
He was previously Financial Director
of a number of Rosehaugh plc
group companies.
James Hopkins joined Annington as
Chief Executive in July 1998. He is also
a Trustee of the Annington Trust. He
was previously the Managing Director
of Hanson Land Limited. Before joining
Hanson plc in 1987, he spent six years in
the Army where he served in a variety of
roles with his regiment, The Life Guards.
James graduated from Oxford University
in 1981.
Jonathan has a background
predominately in banking and finance,
having worked for American National
Bank and Trust Company, S.G.Warburg,
Baring Brothers, Lazard and Pramerica
Real Estate Investors before setting up
his own fund, Internos Global Investors,
in 2007 where he is the Chairman.
Jonathan chairs the Nomination and
Remuneration Committee and from
1 April 2019 chairs the Audit Committee.
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