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Introduction to Annington 2019
Whetstone, East Barnet
| Annington Limited Introduction to Annington 2019
This document does not constitute,
and may not be construed as, an offer
to sell or an invitation to purchase
any investment or securities or the
provision of investment or any other
advice by any party in any jurisdiction
and no reliance may be placed for
any purposes whatsoever on the
information contained in this document
(including any recommendations) or
its completeness. This document is
not intended to provide, and must
not be taken as, the basis of any
decision and should not be considered
as a recommendation to make any
investment or acquire any securities.
The recipient must make its own
independent assessment and such
investigations as it deems necessary.
Neither Annington nor any of its
officers, employees, agents or
affiliates makes any express or implied
representation, warranty or undertaking
with respect to the information,
opinions or projections contained
in this document, and none of them
accept any responsibility or liability
as to its accuracy or completeness
or for any loss howsoever arising,
directly or indirectly, from any use
of such information, opinions or
projections or otherwise arising in
connection therewith. The delivery
of this document does not imply that
the information herein is correct or
complete as at any time subsequent to
the date hereof and Annington has no
obligation whatsoever to update any
of the information or the conclusions
or projections contained herein or to
correct any inaccuracies which may
become apparent subsequent to the
date hereof.
The financial projections in this
document are indicative estimates only
and no reliance should be placed upon
them. Annington’s ability to achieve
these financial projections will depend
upon a number of factors outside of
its control. These financial projections
have been developed based upon
assumptions with respect to future
business decisions and conditions
that are subject to change, including
Annington’s execution of its strategies.
By their nature, financial projections
involve risks and uncertainties because
they relate to events and depend
on circumstances that may or may
not occur in the future. As a result,
Annington’s actual results are likely to
vary from the financial projections in
this document and those variations may
be material.
This document includes certain
statements, estimates, opinions and
projections with respect to anticipated
future performance of Annington
(“forward-looking statements”) which
reflect various assumptions concerning
anticipated results which may or
may not prove to be correct. Such
forward-looking statements reflect
current expectations and various other
assumptions and involve significant
risks and uncertainties and should
not be read as guarantees of future
performance or results and are not
accurate indications of whether or
not such results will be achieved. Also
general economic and markets factors,
which are not predictable, can have
a material effect on the reliability of
forward-looking statements. Such
forward-looking statements only
speak as at the date this document
is provided to the recipient and
Annington is under no obligation to
update or revise such forward-looking
statements to reflect new events or
circumstances. It is up to the recipient
of this presentation to make its own
assessment of the validity of such
forward-looking statements and no
liability is accepted by Annington in
respect of the achievement of such
forward-looking statements and
To the extent available, the industry and
market data contained in this document
has come from third party sources.
Third party industry publications,
studies and surveys generally state that
the data contained therein have been
obtained from sources believed to be
reliable, but that there is no guarantee
of the accuracy or completeness of such
data. In addition, certain of the industry
and market data contained in this
document come from Annington’s own
internal research and estimates based
on the knowledge and experience of
Annington’s management team in the
market in which Annington operates.
While Annington believes that such
research and estimates are reasonable
and reliable, they, and their underlying
methodology and assumptions, have
not been verified by any independent
source for accuracy or completeness
and are subject to change without
notice. Accordingly, undue reliance
should not be placed on any of the
industry or market data contained in
this document.
| Annington Limited Introduction to Annington 2019
This document has been prepared by
Annington Limited and its subsidiaries
(“Annington”) to provide an
introduction to Annington.


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