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hear from members on what they would
like to see. For me I would like to put the
meaning back into AVRO membership,
AVRO membership alone should be
all that is needed by one operator to
another to be confident for that operator
to come on to their premises and
undertake their work, but as I have said
I am well aware that we need to satisfy
all regulation and accreditation.
What I would suggest in the meantime
is to prevent any delays when collecting
from another operator is to give them a
quick call before attending and check
what their process is for collection of a
vehicle and things like inherited charges
are they to pay, are they paid, condition
of the vehicle and any documents that
may be required. Just a suggestion but
it may assist with not being delayed on
put something together to restore the
working together approach between our
To finish on this topic, I think it is very
much worth noting that on the flip side
of this debate is the members of AVRO
that quite clearly do work together and
indeed would go to the end of the earth
for one another. This is always truly
inspirational and a pleasure to see, I
have to say at times I see members
working so closely together you
struggle to see where one ends and the
other begins. They are a credit to the
So, with that I will look to further this
subject and I very much look forward to
your input, it will be greatly appreciated.
So with that I would ask any member
with any view on this subject to please
reach out and contact me, I can be
contacted on (mobile number) and by
e-mail at graham@avrouk.com I am
always more than happy to discuss
this topic and indeed any other with
any member and I would very much
welcome your input so we can look to
0800 321 3836
Count on us for 24 hour emergency breakdown
recovery and expert roadside assistance!
info@lmrecovery.com www.lmrecovery.com
Unit 3, 638 Merry Street Motherwell, ML1 4BP
Loanhead, Edinburgh, EH20 9QX 01698 269 949

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