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travel, as she has continued
to take part in marathons
located in both the UK and
Europe. Gemma pursues
Gemma Colling, Call
this mostly on the weekends,
Assist’s Health and Safety/
but has taken paid holiday
Environmental Officer, has
when the dates coincide. To
recently completed her 100th
keep her legs going between
marathons, Gemma runs
around 6 miles twice a week
“More people have been on the and will sometimes do a bit of
summit of Everest than are a
swimming after work.
member of the 100 marathon
club,” she said with pride.
As well as being a release from
work, Gemma has found that
But how did it all begin?
running enables her to explore
places that she would never
“Funnily enough, whilst on shift think to visit and socialise
at Call Assist. My colleague,
with people outside of her
Addy Roy and I were talking
work circle. “I can’t imagine
about the London Marathon
another scenario where you
and I joked that I would apply
can become friends with both
for next year... Little did I know a librarian and a pilot,” she
that I would actually get picked shared.
to run”, she laughed. “Upon
finding out, I began training for It wasn’t until 2017 that
the first time since P.E. lessons Gemma learnt about the 100
in school and when the time
Marathon Club. At this point
soon came around, I ran the
she still had 71 marathons left
2014 London Marathon.”
to run to make her numbers
Since completing her first
marathon, Gemma has
managed to combine her
passion for running with
already set her sights on her
next running goal. Gemma
would like to complete 100
marathons in 100 weeks next.
But her ultimate goal is to take
part in the Western States
Endurance Run, the world’s
oldest 100-mile trail race
that starts in Squaw Valley,
California and ends in Auburn,
California on the last full
weekend of June each year.
She is ready to be officially
awarded by the 100 Marathon
Club on December 31st in
Betteshanger, Dover.
With the ability to recover fairly
quickly in time for the next
race, Gemma does not see
herself stopping anytime soon.
Gemma’s colleagues at Call
Assist are delighted for her and
are only too happy to give their
support to her on this journey.
up. Gemma explained that she
didn’t plan to reach 100 by the
end of 2018 but now that she
has achieved this, she has

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