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Concerns for the safety of roadside
recovery workers have this week been
raised in the House of Commons during a
debate on Road Safety.
Tracey Crouch, Conservative MP for
Chatham and Aylesford Commons raised
the issue after meeting Sam Cockerill,
whose partner was killed instantly in
September 2017 when a HGV strayed on
to the hard shoulder of the M25 and hit
him while he was recovering a stranded
Speaking during in the House of
Commons debate last night (Monday 5
November), Crouch said: “First, there is a
request for roadside rescue and recovery
operators to be able to use prominent
red lights while attending accidents and
“At present, they are only permitted to
be fitted with and use amber warning
beacons while attending incidents. There
are two reasons why using red lights
makes sense.
“First, there is a scientific phenomenon
called the Rayleigh effect, which means
the red light can be seen further away.
“Secondly, the colour red elicits a more
serious reaction, whether consciously
or subconsciously, in the minds of road
users approaching a hazard and drivers
adjust accordingly.”
Crouch also requested for the
Department for Transport to collect data
on the number of casualties specifically
among recovery workers.
Slow Down, Move Over
She later made reference to the
America’s Slow Down, Move Over laws
which are now in place across all 50
states before highlighting calls for the
government to halt the roll-out of all-lanerunning motorways and to implement
so-called smart motorways in a way that
takes account of the rights of those who
work on the hard shoulder, particularly
recovery operators.
Crouch said: “The campaign is for all
those roadside and recovery workers who
have experienced near misses or lost
their lives, such as my constituent Sam’s
partner, Steve.
“I would be grateful if the Minister in his
response committed to meeting me,
Sam and others to discuss the matter
further so that we can make progress in
protecting those who come to our rescue
when we need it on our roads.”
Stan Gallears of TruckEast Ltd and
founder of Facebook group ‘All roadside
workers UK – Slow Down Move Over’
said: “We are finally starting to get there
now it’s in the government circles now
let’s hope they acted and make it happen
this is down to you lot.”
Following the debate, Facebook page
Slow Down Move Over posted: “This is a
monumental break through today.
“If anyone was in doubt about supporting
the campaign for safer roadside rescue
and recovery, I hope you will now accept
it is making a difference and [will] support
Commenting on the post, Peter Puggy
Douglas wrote: “Well done. Finger
crossed now something will be done for
roadside recovery.” Article courtesy of garage-wire

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