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HI all .... What a weekend that was, I was
in some amazing company this weekend,
still can’t get my head around how good it
really was...
My host was the very own John Reilly who
drove us around like I was royalty (there’s
a video of that) he showed us the sights
and sounds of Dublin by day and by night,
some of the amazing countryside (where I
still managed to find a car part) I was also
lucky to visit 2 great companies to see how
the Irish do things and boy they do things
Thanks to Derek Beahan and to Keith
Kelly for showing me around ....
While I was here Region 15 of AVRO
were preparing for the Tullamore
Christmas party, so the build-up was some
training with Gary Tucker (Mental health
awareness) and some training with Jane
Cattaneo F1 NTP from F1 personnel.
I was lucky to be put into the Regions
meeting too which I have great delight
in saying that they are like so many
others getting 150 percent behind the
#SlowDownMoveOver campaign, leading
the way from the awesome association,
the passion for this industry in that room
was something I have never witnessed,
the passion and the love not just for the
industry but for their staff and for each
other, honestly hand on heart amazing!!!!!!
Being the great people that I now know
they are, one night of a party isn’t really
enough so meeting so many faces from
Facebook was a real honour chatting about
challenges they face over here and the
dangers exactly the same for us here in
England but some with twists.
Huge thanks to Eamon Kelly and gang for
what has to be one of the best industry
parties I have ever been too, If you’re not
in AVRO or in Region 15 then you really
should be
The amount of money raised for the AVRO
Benevolent Fund was unreal people
brought mystery envelopes (someone got
a badge) Neil Yates, some had the famous
space suit Baz Cooper...
Hoovers, some rebel called Duffy stole
a television (hope the court case goes
well) booster packs, karaoke machine, the
list of prizes on raffle and list of auction
items were unreal all for a great thing that
supports our own.
Di Perrie and I would like to thank everyone
for having us it was amazing and thanks
again for Irish Car Express for making
this happen it was a huge pleasure and a
huge honour ... nearly shed a tear in the
airport.... but that’s because I discovered a
green wig that had been put in my bag!!!!!
The English regions can learn a lot from
Region 15 and if we had 5 percent of what
they had we are on to a winner.
Thank you so so so much for everything
much love ... until next time!! Keep safe
and #SlowDownMoveOver #IrishRecovery
#AVRO #Region15
Baz Cooper
BSC Recovery

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