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Let’s touch base with Graham in this month’s Graham’s gab...
the same rates laid down by AVRO ten
years ago.
How could that possibly be right?
I do not know of any other Industry who
are subjected to that scenario.
Correct me if I am wrong?
Let’s take an example, not scientific but
as near as damn it accurate.
Yes, of course it can vary from different
areas of the Country but let’s take my
area for example as I have completed
this exercise before.
In Scotland a light Recovery Operator is
likely to be paid £8.50/£9 an hour.
Let’s base it on an hour-long recovery
for this exercise.

...believe that if you
want but, I do not
buy that one.
My travels last month took me to North
Yorkshire, a lovely part of the country,
well most of it.
My thanks to Highway, Commercial
Services, TC Salvage, Yorkshire
Recovery, and KD Recovery Leeds for
sparing the time to chat. It is always
interesting to hear their views and visit
their premises, and all are passionate
about the business.
Mind you one Operator who shall remain
nameless having recommended a local
hotel left me stranded with nowhere to
go, you know who you are. Beware, I
will get my own back JC!!!!
I am not here to “teach my grannies to
suck eggs” however, just a thought!!
During my visits throughout the country
the main concerns are consistently rates
and the lack of labour to carry out the
often difficult job of recovering a vehicle,
large or small.
The two concerns go hand in hand I
When I first entered this Industry, I was
dumbfounded that you were working on
A club rate varies from £39 (yes £39)
to say £45 , for the purpose of this
exercise let’s go with £43 per hourly
recovery therefore, labour alone at say
£9 an hour reduces fee to £36, fuel ,
let’s again assume 30 mile round trip
costing you approx. £8.40 (assuming
your recovery vehicle is performing at
25mpg) that reduces the fee to £27.60.
Once you contribute a proportion of
Indirect and Direct expenses to that
vehicle and Operator such as:
Salaries ( non-productive)
Safety inspection costs
Protective Clothing
Road Tax
Administration Costs ( eg Apex)
The sum I arrived at was £50.40
Therefore, the true cost of carrying out
that recovery is £67.80! To conclude,
this exercise it is costing you the
pleasure of £24.80 to carry out the
I do appreciate there are different
scenarios depending on location,
size and policy of your company and
therefore it is not exact science. It
comes down to your Commercial
decision, just don’t end up busy fools!
Yes I have heard the justification slant
that if you bounce from job to job it
makes it worthwhile, believe that if
you want, but I do not buy that one
unless you are turning over more than
4 million a year and the business is
relentless, even then I believe you just
end up busy fools, so what do we do
about this situation, one thing is for
sure, it cannot be sustained, as proven
by the number of Operators that have
disappeared in the 7 years alone, that
I have been in the business. I firmly
believe the work providers and clubs
are well aware of the costs involved
for Recovery Operators and our work
providers are really acting on behalf of
large Insurance Companies who should
now look at the bigger picture as the
ever-growing financial cost of providing
a service has now become a serious
concern for operators.
Just ask them to compare their refusals
against past history.
Here is my theory for what it is worth,
if they continue to ignore the plight of
their chosen operators, they will not
have enough operators to service their
The ‘big boys’ will then be in a position
to turn around to the Work Providers
and Clubs and name their price or will
not do the job. Surely, the time has
come to prevent that scenario and
sit down with existing operators and
work providers with full transparency
and negotiate a reasonable rate for
the job before my thoughts come to
fruition, it would prevent in future certain
work providers blaming their recovery
operators for lack of service on a recent’
Watchdog ‘ edition on National TV.
What a cheek!
We talk about this all the time, we really
need sensible discussions now before
It’s too late.
I have now visited 7 of the 14 regions
and my next stop is Region 15, Republic
of Ireland.
Remember, my remit is to not only visit
existing Members but to recruit new
Since March we have recruited 20 new
members, so if you can recommend
any potential candidates to become an
AVRO member who will meet our high
standards please let me know.
My aim is for AVRO to become a
powerful voice in the Recovery
Industry, we are already the largest and

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