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AVRO President
Steve Smith
honest recovery operators are now
put on a level playing field to compete
for police contracts and the public and
road hauliers are protected from over
AVRO’s Statutory Charges Review England and Wales

AVRO will be
challenging this practice
that appears to have
become the ‘norm’...

First of all, I would like to thank all our
members for their continued support.
The AVRO National Council are not
paid for the time they give and the
work they do so I would personally
like to thank all the team for giving up
so much of their time for the benefit
of making our industry a better place
to work.
The focus of this AVRO council
administration is ‘to lead the industry
conversation’. We have been hard at
work with a frantic first 6 months and
so I have listed a few of our ongoing
AVRO V Police Scotland
Police Scotland have permitted their
management company and recovery
operators to charge more than is
permitted by law. The Scottish courts
ruled this was not permitted and
Police Scotland now accept this.
Incredibly, despite the court ruling,
Police Scotland are still allowing this
malpractice to continue.
AVRO have been vindicated with
the successful legal action as it has
prompted the Scottish Government to
review the statutory vehicle removal
legislation to stop the unlawful
practice. AVRO are presently in
consultation to ensure the integrity of
our industry remains intact, we hope
Following on from the momentum
of AVRO’s success versus Police
Scotland we are leading the
conversation over a long overdue
review of the English & Welsh
Removal, Storage and Disposal of
Vehicles legislation that has not been
reviewed since 2008.
The memorandum to the 2008
legislation states the statutory
“charges should not be punitive
or an income generator for the
police…..otherwise it is likely to
become uneconomic for contractors
to continue these operations, if
contractors decided to stop work
for the police, this would have a
detrimental effect on the police’s
ability to enforce the law”.
Most members are probably aware
that what they receive in payment
for statutory recoveries from various
motoring organisations, contract
managers, or even direct from HE or
Police authorities is significantly less
than the matrix charges. Often sums
of up to £1500 are extracted from the
statutory charges as ‘commission’ or
‘management’ fees.
AVRO will be challenging this practice
that appears to have become the
‘norm’ but is clearly contrary to the
spirit of the 2008 legislation.
To announce our proposals and to
start the conversation, AVRO hosted
a statutory charge review meeting of
industry stakeholders, in November.
We were joined by some large
motoring organisations, CPT, FTA,
HE, NFDA, The Police and RHA and
various national fleet managers. Our
aim was to agree some common
ground. The DfT have expressed an
interest in our findings.
Breakdown Insurance Policyholders
complaints increase
You may be aware of recent reports in
the national press regarding increased
waiting times by policyholders of the
major motoring assistance providers.
AVRO were invited to contribute to
the debate and our comments have
featured in The Telegraph, The Daily
Mail and BBC’s Watchdog. AVRO
argue that a contributing factor to the
motoring organisations deteriorating
service towards their policyholders is
because they have continually failed
to financially support our industry.
The lack of financial support, for over
a generation, has created a crisis
point that has culminated in many
professional recovery operators
being unable to work for the motoring
organisations. The diminished pool
of recovery operators means the
motoring organisations and contract
managers often scratch around to
find an operator to do the work whilst
motorists are trapped at roadside for
hours on end.
Leading the conversation on industry
In the next issue we will publish
AVRO’s policy on PAS 43. We
continue to lobby SURVIVE to reduce
the ‘in scope’ weight of a recovery
truck from 3.5 tonne to over 2.5 tonne
to include beaver tails and RDT’s.
We also feel SURVIVE group needs
to be more representative of the core
recovery industry so there is a more
balanced voice in the group. Early
next year AVRO will be publishing our
policy on lighting and conspicuity.
New AVRO Benefit
The Association has an ongoing
commitment to provide members
with a range of benefits that offer real
value to their business. Without doubt
services that help protect members
are very important and this is why
we have decided to invest in a new
service, “The AVRO Business Support
Service” which provides members
with access to HR, Legal, H&S, and a

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