LGH User Guide 2018 UK 2nd Edition - Page 38

Tirak Universal Hoist
• Range from 500kg to 3000kg
• Traction hoist for unlimited length of rope
o reductions in working load limits or drive torque at increasing
heights of lift
• 100% duty factor (80% in 110V)
• Industry standard for elevator installations, building maintenance
units and wind turbines
• Harsh environment protection
• Fitment can be directly to the load or mounted within a frame
• Suitable for man-riding operation
To Anchor the Frame
Lifting a Load
To anchor the frame: simply attach the TIRAK
mobile winch to a suitable anchor point using a rope
sling, chain or similar attachment.
Direct Lifting or Pulling
The TIRAK mobile winch automatically turns in the
direction of pull. Unlike a conventional drum winch,
the direction of line pull is always the same because
of the fixed rope position design of the TIRAK.
Moreover, with the TIRAK mobile winch, the
capacity and speed remains constant at all times.
To lift: anchor the TIRAK mobile winch to a suitable
point and pass the wire rope around one or more
return pulleys.
Lifting and Sheave Blocks
If the pull is through an opening in the wall or ceiling
capable of taking the load, simply site the winch by
or above the hole.
LGH - puts safety first
If the hole is not big enough for the rope hook to
pass through, position the TIRAK mobile winch and
pass the wire rope through the hole and then into
the TIRAK.
If the effective power is not enough increase the
capacity using a set of multiple sheave blocks.

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