LGH User Guide 2018 UK 2nd Edition - Page 78

Modulift Spreader Beams
The Modulift range of spreader beam assemblies offers a wide range of spans, configurations and capacities
to suit your wide and varied lifting needs. Our sizes range from 24t to 1000t with spans available from 0.5m to
over 30m.
Selecting your beam
• Determine the rigging plan and type of beam to be used
• Select span
• Select capacity
• Determine STV (sling to vertical) and consider any headroom restrictions
all us with all of this information and we will provide a detailed specification and quotation
Modulift Standard Range
Modulift Heavy Range
MOD 600
MOD 70/70H
MOD 400
MOD 50
MOD 250
MOD 34
MOD 24
MOD 110/110H
Modulift CMOD Range
The CMOD is a modular frame utilising corner units which are
compatible with existing spreader beam struts and is modular in
length and width. Every CMOD spreader frame consists of 4 x corner
units, with intermediate struts that can be bolted into the assembly to
achieve different spans.
Even the largest CMOD can be easily transported as the frame
is broken down into modular parts, saving the cost of specialist
Trunnion Spreader Beam
Available on sizes MOD 250 and above, this beam provides a
shackle free lifting solution that revolutionises the rigging industry
by offering an efficient, lightweight and economic option.
It reduces the cost of rigging by up to 50%. Compared to similar
applications, the rigging up phase can take up to half the duration
therefore saving time and money.
• Reduce your rigging weight
Trunnion End
• Reduce your health and safety concerns
Delivering excellence in lifting throughout the UK

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