LGH User Guide 2018 UK 2nd Edition - Page 79

Modulift Spreader Beams
Rigging Options
or extremely low headroom applications Modulift can design and fabricate a bespoke lifting frame to suit
your exact requirements
• Our technical team are available to provide recommendations on your lift plan. Send us details of your lift
including weight, lifting points and position, height restrictions, load type, centre of gravity (COG) position,
crane type and lifting environment
Your Guide to Some of the Configurations Available to You
1. Simple Single Beam 2 Point Lift
A single Spreader Beam is the simplest configuration
and is suitable for 2 point lifts. The Spreader Beam
absorbs the compression forces to protect the load
being lifted.
2. Single Beam 4 Point Lift
5. 1-Over-1
Where there are an uneven number of points to lift
from, a 1 over 1 system can be used to lift the load
whilst still providing a balanced rig.
6. Various Multi Spreader Beam Rigs
This configuration again uses a single beam where
the load being lifted has four individual lifting points.
With our expert help we can address most lifting
issues using a combination of our products to fit the
application and the circumstances.
3. 1-Over-2 Rig
7. CMOD Spreader Frame
We use this configuration when vertical slings are
essential for 4 point lifts. By varying the sling lengths,
we can also take into account an offset centre of
The CMOD spreader frame uses corner units to
connect existing Modulift struts into a 4 point modular
spreader frame. This uses less headroom than a 1
over 2 rig.
4. 1-Over-2 Inline Rig
Ideal for those lifts where the span is long and
potential bending of the load is a problem. Further
cascading layers are available to increase the number
of lifting points.
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