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SECTION 1: Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)
Provox® StabiliBaseTM is a strong
adhesive that gives you better
stability, especially if your stoma
is deep.
Provox® XtraBase
• For speaking with finger

occlusion or hands-free
• For a flat or deeper stoma
• Adheres well to the skin
You can use it during the day
when you speak a lot, or speak
hands-free with Provox®
FreeHands FlexiVoice.
Provox® LaryClip
The Provox® LaryClip is an
alternative to the Provox®
TubeHolder. It is a two-piece
system that helps to optimize the
air-tight attachment of Provox®
LaryButton and Provox®
LaryTube to the stoma.
Flexiderm Baseplate
Designed to hold the
Provox® HME Cassette, Provox®
FreeHands HME and Provox®
ShowerAid in front of the
Provox® OptiDerm
Provox® OptiDerm is a soft
adhesive that gives you a gentler
seal around your stoma. Use it
during the night to give your skin
some relief or during the day if
your skin feels sore or irritated.
The baseplate provides an
optimised seal to the skin around
the stoma.
There are 4 different types of
adhesives, with 3 different
adhesive properties and two
different shapes.
Provox® Regular
• For oesophageal speech
• For speaking with
• Easy to remove from the skin
National: 0800 378 846 I Scotland: 0800 783 7148 I Nurse Line: 0800 378 413 I Text: 07800 005 658


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