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SECTION 2: Tracheostomy and Laryngectomy Accessories
Trachi-Naze +Plus Restoration System
Filter Cassettes
Each filter cassette contains three filter layers which when sealed onto the skin
create a `closed’ system ensuring that all air is warmed, humidified and filtered,
restoring a functional airway resistance.
The pre-filter layer
Filters out dust and larger airborne particles.
The activated carbon layer
Helps reduce bacteria entering the airway and further cleanses the air of smoke,
gases and small particles.
The heat moisture exchange layer
Provides the heat and moisture needed to keep the tracheal mucosa in good
condition. When placed together and in combination, with the system sealed
onto the skin, these materials provide the functional airway resistance which is
vital for efficient breathing.
Blue Filter (Night)
Provides normal airway
resistance which
improves oxygenation.
These filters can be worn
at night and are easily
tolerated during sleep.
Green Filter (Day)
For normal activity. It
provides half the level
of airway resistance, but
using with the Blue and
Green filter, maximises
respiratory performance.
Orange Filter (Active)
Enables the user to
activity without losing the
protection offered by
the filters. It has minimal
airway resistance.
Order ref: LATNP1001 q
Pack size: 30
Order ref: LATNP1002 q
Pack size: 30
Order ref: LATNP1003 q
Pack size: 30
National: 0800 378 846 I Scotland: 0800 783 7148 I Nurse Line: 0800 378 413 I Text: 07800 005 658


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