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SECTION 1: Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs)
FAHL HME Systems
Laryvox® HME
Laryvox® Touch HME HighFlow
An excellent HME cassette,
designed to reduce mucus
production, coughing and
chest infections. 24 hour use also helps
to improve sleep and reduce levels of
fatigue in patients post-laryngectomy.
Order ref: 49800
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850-01 - Blue Metallic q
Pack size: 30
Laryvox® O2 HME
Laryvox® O2 HME
provides a unique
combination of Laryvox®
HME with an O2 connection, ideal for
the patient who requires supplementary
oxygen, for example in the postoperative setting. Designed to reduce
mucus production.
Order ref: 49802
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850-02 - Gold
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850-03 - Silver
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850-04 - Beige
Pack size: 30
Order ref: 49850-13 - Clear
Pack size: 30
Combiphon® O2 Speaking Valve

Laryvox® HME HighFlow

The Laryvox® HME
HighFlow offers low airflow
resistance so is very easy
to breathe through. This makes it the
perfect choice for individuals who are
new users of HME, in particular those
who may be switching from a foam stoma
protector or a bib.
Order ref: 49810
Pack size: 30
Multi-adaptor fits both 15mm
and 22mm connectors
Speaking valve membrane is
“bias-closed” with the advantage
that no excess exhalation
pressure is required to close the
valve, resulting in less fatigue
and better speaking quality
Low-profile design
Individual sterile packaging
Single patient product
Combiphon® is only to be used
with Tracheostomised patients,
with an intact larynx.
The use on laryngectomised patients
is contraindicated.
Order ref: 27131
Pack size: 1
With friendly permission of Andreas Fahl Medizintechnik-Vertrieb GmbH, Colgogne, Germany.
National: 0800 378 846 I Scotland: 0800 783 7148 I Nurse Line: 0800 378 413 I Text: 07800 005 658


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