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the White Stone
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I have always considered myself to be an outsider and pretended not to care.
But it still hurts a bit. I think that in the days of my Father they all went to
Church and people worked together and they were stronger in faith. The
modern world has destroyed a great deal of that. Christmas is just a
commercial joke. Its easy to blame everything on a secular society. Materialism.
But I don’t think its that simple. I can really understand how a great number of
people can’t believe in it anymore.
There is no shame here. Not in this particular room. Not in the secret temple
of the White Stone. Anyone can take this simple practice of Jesus Name and
breathe it a bit. It is an inner practice. No one ever needs to know. There is no
need to have any display of Jesusness. It resides in our deep and secret heart.
In our most secret place. It is the most precious thing.
I want to say this. If I didn’t feel obliged to speak up about this now then no
one would ever know. No one would even suspect it of me. Not a clue about
anything. That is the tradition. No outward show. Nothing would ever betray
me to the cynics and the foxes. The ones that think they are clever and can
smell the wind. I would carry it silently and it would grow in me until the day I
die and beyond. I don’t think anyone would be laughing at me then. There I
would wear it like gold. This is my consciousness. This is what I have learned
in life. This is is my attainment. It was what was given to me by the Lord of
all, when I needed it most. I can’t tell you that it was easy. But it never let me
down. The things we have learned by the Grace of this most simple practice.


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