the White Stone - Page 102

the White Stone
page 102
The new Jerusalem is a place of simplicity.
It has space and freedom.
There are no borders.
It has no side except expansion.
It is at ease in the middle.
It has no intention for movement,
but it never ceases to be.
It is easy and at peace within itself.
If I share a cup with angels,
He and She are like my dearest friends.
They move like silk yet they are not lofty
or grand. They are like my brother and my sister.
True they are, their faces are like gentle sunshine,
for what we want to be high is really low and
full of easy pleasure.
Our attainment is by reduction.
What we gain is by letting go.
The distant ever near.
Presence is awake
with the colour of silver.
What is before us
are the pleasures of the heart.


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