the White Stone - Page 104

the White Stone
page 104
My God is happy to walk with me in the wet fields with muddy boots. To eat
baked potatoes and baked beans. To light fires and burn the autumn leaves. To
watch the river running by. We draw closer in humility. The Lord lives through us
in Awareness. We are His eyes and His ears. Through us He can be in His
Creation. That is all and everything and more than enough.
In our minds we create the God that we desire.
When we are weak we need our God to be strong. When we are strong we know
Him to be true.
On my offering table I have some bread and cheese. A couple of chocolate
biscuits. And a cup of strong tea. And myself. I laid this all out on a checkered
table cloth in the garden shed.
In the temple they have lit a thousand butter lamps and the priests are droning
on, some ancient liturgy. There are monks here who have studied the law for 15
years and now they get to wear a special hat. And robes of silk brocade. They
intone in deep voices and walk in a slow and ponderous way. In a grand
procession they approach the high altar. They have sticks and poles and flags and
emblems. They sit on velvet cushions.
I am not saying one is better than the other.
What I am saying is this. We are a funny bunch. So we are.


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