the White Stone - Page 108

the White Stone
page 108
The energy of life
will build us a craft as sleek as gold,
to go by air or sea to the new land,
whose name has not been made or given
until the time of fulfillment.
Except that it is HE,
to all Glory given,
the SON of GOD.
Jesus is that land.
JESUS is that place. AMEN
And JESUS is that land
and I have touched the edge
of His garment.
I have seen the Land of THE ONE
that is.
I came here once before and I was all alone in this place
and I had no knowledge of where it was that I was
standing. But now I know the place and I understand.
And The LORD CREATOR has made present
a new Land in HIS imagination,
where all is complete
and there is no fear or dis service.
It is a place of endless fascination.
There is only honour and completeness.


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