the White Stone - Page 11

the White Stone
page 11
July 25 2013
Hougharry, North Uist
his is the essential text of the practice of the Name Jesus.
It is also called ‘the White Stone’ because like a
simple stone lying on the shore by the sea it is a jewel
delivered by God and untouched by human hand that
is there to be picked up. The practice is simple and direct
and free of dogmas and views that might lead to confusion.
It is also called the practice that ‘removes the lynch pin of Hell’.
With the inbreath sound silently in your mind
the first syllable “ JE...which smoothly without
interruption turns around into the outbreath
on the syllable SUS.”
This is the most essential practice. It is
offered here in it’s most essential form with
the understanding that it’s depths and implications
will reveal itself through the intelligence
and application of the user. Even so with
this understood, that this is a private and
secret practice best kept close to your heart
and not talked about lightly, for in this way
it is more effective, some commentary may be useful.


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