the White Stone - Page 111

the White Stone
page 111
in all directions
it simply is.....
Evidenced by the hiss of presence
and the play of light.
Self originating,
there is only existence.
All knowing and all understanding
all creating too.
Simultaneous expansion and contraction.
If you can see it,
if you re watching it,
Then you are not in it.
You are just not there yet!
There is no directionality.(*20)
Energy is! It can only be!
You cant watch it and be it at the same time!
NOTE (*20). directionality. In the spontaneous Energy of Creation there is no
subject or object. All seeing in all directions where direction has no meaning. We
see and feel and are conscious up, down, in front, behind, within, without, in
expansion and contraction, in sound and silence, in sensation and emotion. Non
dual. Oneness, absolute and self existing, where there was never anything other
than this.


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