the White Stone - Page 113

the White Stone
page 113
Energy does not hold back in Truth.
Its RAW! Its FULL Of LIFE! Pack away your singing bowls and dance
like a mad fool.
Break the jar and let the wine of life pour out in all it’s drunken glory!
Everything you ever wanted. Right there.
If only you could see it and know it!
If you need bliss... we’ve got that... loads of it,
pleasure, intelligence, understanding, love,
even darkness we can provide that too ... if that be your wish.
You want to see the temple beauties dance in erotic glory?
Or would you rather go to the upper room where the Lord Buddha is teaching?
Or then again we could go down to the bathing pool,
in the bright and glorious sunshine,
to the green garden of youth and rest on the soft grass.
Or simply be,
in a state of equanimity. We stay in the Word of God.
This Energy. We may understand this. If we can accept it, and it’s not easy
considering all our history and conditioning, then we can simply sidestep....
2,000 years of rubbish and fly like an arrow straight to the essential point.
We can ignore all those weird teachings about Jesus and be with Him in actuality.
The story, His life, His teaching, none of it is separate, its all included. But here,
in this practice, we go straight to the axis.


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