the White Stone - Page 115

the White Stone
page 115
We’ve been caught. We are captivated. This world that we create is so strong
that we just forget. It is so appealing that even gods and angels can fall from
heaven. This is what we are up against. What we are living in. If an angel can be
seduced then what small chance do we humans have? The last temptation of the
Buddha as he sat beneath the Bodhi tree was to face the full force of Mara (*21)
in fear and seduction. Lord Jesus was tested in the desert. The only thing that any
of us have left is the tender thread that holds us to the Word of God. That is our
only lifeline.
The strange thing is that us mere humans maybe have as good, if not a better
chance, than anyone of getting through. That’s because we were born into it.
From the day we are arrived, our first breath was one of pain. We are the
creatures of the grey lagoon, up to our necks in water, fighting and struggling,
rising and falling, always up against the odds of the turning wheel. And within
this we learn about love and affection and the weird humour of our shared
predicament. Its extraordinary. This rare and precious human life.
We know we will die. The principle of truth should probably be the purpose of
our life. Not just to accumulate things and be good and happy.
Whatever we do, its got to be real.


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