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the White Stone
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NOTE (*21). While sat beneath the bodhi tree and as he neared to full understanding
of existence (Enlightenment) the soon to be Buddha was visited by the three
daughters of Mara (demon) with the aim to draw him away from his direction with
fear, seduction and mockery. There are lovely parallels with Jesus temptation in the
desert. I love this line too from the bible: Matthew 4.4 : “Man shall not live by bread
alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God”.
We focus on our breath in Jesus Name almost in a triangular way. When we do
this we exclude our thinking process for a while. We find the ‘presence’ by
exclusion of our turning mind. Then we relax into that presence in a real way.
When we are able to do this we allow our thought process to come back in. Our
thoughts should not distract us in the same way that they usually do. Our thoughts
will be like the wind in the tall trees. We can give our attention or not. Just as we
If we can become familiar with this Awareness, which is a whole and non dual
consciousness, there will be times when we can literally float in the experience.
Radiating lights and sensations may come. Our path from here forward is to
continue with this, to establish it more and more and enjoy it. It is our original
Wisdom. It is not constructed.
Holy Spirit come and shine your light on me.......


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