the White Stone - Page 117

the White Stone
page 117
The Holy Spirit. The mistress and accelerator of mysteries.
The Spirit that completes by action of Energy. The Spirit that brings gifts of Wisdom.
The Spirit that brings healing. The Spirit that brings prophesy and inspiration. The Spirit
that cries for all the suffering of this world. The Spirit that holds us and gives life to all of
Creation. That will lead us into death. That will make us humble. That will show us the
face of madness and terror. That will take our fragile hearts and break them only to mend
them with pure gold. She is and will be our teacher. She knows the desires of our hearts.
She walks quietly, hidden in the shadow and the starlight.
Then there is this. The spirit that is in us. That is the everyday spirit of life. Even that is
But it is not the HOLY SPIRIT. The Holy spirit comes as an INTERVENTION.
(i.e. from outside).
That is something else. Something much greater. Something special.
In action they are much the same but we can differentiate between what is part of us
(innate) and what is an Intervention.
Genuine and directed Intervention of the HOLY SPIRIT is rare. Like real tongues of fire.
Did the Saints know about the Word on their breath and keep quiet about it? Maybe they
did. I like to think they knew. Maybe in a cold stone cell on a small island in the middle of
the ocean the Spirit came and showed them. The Name of Jesus on their breath. Because
they had devotion. This is unfiltered. To be shown the Word of God. Maybe they kept
quiet about it too. Why? Because it is a revelation, a gift of the Spirit and it is essentially
secret. It is an initiation. When you have it you hold it close. Thats the way its done.
The outcome, the effect however can be seen and felt by anyone.
Influence concealed. True.


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