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the White Stone
page 118
Jesus was a Master of Power and Energy. He and the Holy Spirit are as One.
This is His capacity for healing. The kind of power that can break through the
limits and barriers of what we consider to be ‘naturally’ possible. That we call
Jesus, as He walked this Earth must have been incredibly beautiful to look at.
Radiant. As much as He was loved he would make enemies. The Scribes and
Pharisees, the leaders of religion were empty in the face of his magnitude and
attraction. He had followers, people who willingly came and listened to his
words. He spoke what was True and it had resonance. The emotional hearts of
his prosecutors, such as they even had them, would turn to bitterness and hatred.
Some of the root of vileness is here. And still He loved them. Was He ever a
danger to the Roman rule? I doubt it. Did he threaten the Law of Moses or
simply those who were it’s self appointed agents?
The power of darkness, while incensed by his beauty and appeal gathered
towards his destruction.
How would it be today I wonder? Would it be any different?
What is True and the Energy it contains even now, today, is an active and present
threat to the illusion of life.
To engage in what is true and the Energy of it is the greatest worship.
How does this Energy feel? How do you know that you have got it. It is most
the glorious freedom.
The text and practice of the White Stone is pointing us directly towards this


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