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the White Stone
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The Commentary
Concerning the inbreath and outbreath of the name Jesus, the silent name of Jesus lies
beneath the formed syllables while integrating with our breath, which is the gift of God.
In this way the Name ‘Jesus’ is a great highway.
We can walk into the presence of God.
He can come to us. It works in both directions.
He can be present in our awareness and be our companion;
He can help remove our darkness, sin and ignorance;
He can help us find out who we really are.
If the first level is the sound of the name Jesus;
then the secret is the unspoken movement with the breath;
the most essential is the still point that lies underneath this again.
Then to feel this ‘presence’;
Then to know that you are in this presence;
to be present in ‘presence’.
We can experience this in a state of deep contemplation,
when thoughts come and go like clouds and falling silk....
releasing themselves...
subject and object are one, as they always were.
When breath stops the presence remains.
This is the text for the practice
which is called the name of JESUS.
This practice is transmitted from person to person and is best kept
secret in the heart of one’s being. This practice is a Great Purification.
Offered to be under the protection of
Archangel Michael and written down
by Kevin de Las Casas. July 2013
Hougharry, Isle of North Uist
Outer Hebrides.


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