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the White Stone
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It is not a seed. That is something different. A seed is something very small that
will grow in time into a broad leafed tree or a flower. Here, in this type of
teaching, everything is already contained within it. It can be opened out only
under the right circumstances. The circumstances and the causality that
surround it are important. The receivers equally have a part to play. They need to
be receptive. I have been at teachings of great and important texts that are like
this. Consider the three words of Garab Dorge.(*22) These deep teachings can
only be made real by someone who is in that state of understanding. Then there
is authority and authenticity. Without that it can only bring intellectual or limited
understanding. A real teacher will bring his people into a state of understanding.
Jesus did this.
In this way His teaching was truly great. In this way Jesus teaching threatened
the established order. Real teachings and the influence of a realized being is
active on deeper levels than we will ever understand. In one statement a hundred
million beings are released from suffering. The action of Jesus in His life is
greater than we will ever understand.
This same statement to ‘love your neighbour’, spoken by an ordinary man or
woman, even so exact in every way, will not have the same impact or effect.
Statements of truth still sing to the heart, but from a realized being it is
something entirely different.


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