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the White Stone
page 122
Now we have grown up a bit.
We are not the little children that we used to be.
Our relationship with Lord Jesus is different too. We need Him as much as ever.
The way we used to see Him, how we see Him now, and who He really is. These
are all different. He is not just the one dimensional image that we started out
with. Kind, gentle, benign, all loving. True. He is all of this and more. And then
there is that dark memory of a distant time when horrible things happened.
Sadly, and it is sad in a way, we must leave the safety of our protected world
behind and walk out into the grown up world. What really exists. It is a place of
vastness that we have hardly even begun to understand.
We have crossed so many lands to get here. Really. But I feel there is something
really important to remember here. Jesus has been with us all the way. We were
offered and it was promised. We made it a bond a little while ago. A choice. An
agreement. He is and has been our constant guide and companion. He has never
let us down.
When we came to the borders, the checkpoints, our passports were stamped and
we were able to travel freely. Because the guards know Him. They know Him,
they fear Him, they respect Him. Oh, yeah, He's with me. Or, I'm with Him.
Right. That's ok then. On you go. As they say. Without let or hindrance.
Then there were the times when we got distracted by the delicious things in the
bazaar. So that we don't get held up there for too long.


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