the White Stone - Page 123

the White Stone
page 123
In our human life too we are largely protected from the interplay of the
extraordinary forces that surround us. We are protected to some extent by our
ignorance. We stumble along in a vacant dream and have the stupidity to
consider ourselves important. Where we could be snuffed out in an instant
with the memory of dust.
There are beings all around us who allow us. They look at us in the same way
that we look at small animals. We do not hardly dare to admit it but as we live
this life we are very, very frightened. And that is rightly so. And then again,
from our state of ignorance we have the nerve, the stupidly, to even think, let
alone suggest, that the Greatness, God if you will, within whose
Consciousness we exist, might possibly have made a mistake. Misjudged
things. Got it wrong. The fall of man and angels. What is that? All of life is in
service of the Great Consciousness. If there are devils there, then they serve
Him too. They might not think they do. They can be just as lost as us. Maybe
He put them there to kick our backs.
Like a child who walks out into the streets of a busy city we are in constant
danger. There are friendly faces and there are things that would do us harm.
We need to pull our cloak around us and move on. There is no place to rest


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