the White Stone - Page 124

the White Stone
page 124
We are here to learn and move on. If this world was safe, without the troubles
that worry us, we might just sit down and go nowhere.
Adversity is the demon that pushes us towards consciousness. Death is the
darkness that scares us forward.
It's like the bed and breakfast. We get to spend the night in what seems to be a
comfortable place but checkout is definitely at 12. The bell will strike. We don't
get to stay here very long. It's not our home. It's a great place but I heard some
strange stuff going on in the night. There were lost people outside crying on the
street. And people fighting. Everywhere there is suffering. In the distance you
can hear the guns. A car broke through the barriers and crashed into the river.
An old man who once danced on the sandy beach said his last goodbyes.
Our home is in the consciousness of wonder. That is where we are going. And
yet all things are interconnected and there never really was a journey. Neither was
there any time. It was just a dream which we have the chance to wake up from.


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