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the White Stone
page 125
I am a bit reluctant, but I know that anyone reading this will want to know a bit
about how this text comes about, where it comes from, and hardest of all for
me, who would write this material down or feel qualified to do so.(*23)
The most truthful answer is this. Because I am here. Or I was there at the time,
when it comes to that. Someone said this to me and I think its true. It is not
because someone is necessarily a great follower of Jesus or particularly a good
person. They just have the gift and the ability to carry it forward. They have
some capacity to receive.
Every once in a while stuff comes through to me and I feel required to write it
down. Its like a little window opens, a kind of gap, and I can look through or
understandings come to me. I write it down and in that period I understand what
I am writing. I also write songs and from this training I know how important it is
that every word be as right as possible. So I work on this a lot. To try and make it
clear and understandable.


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