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the White Stone
page 126
Where does it come from? I don’t honestly know. From the Spirit. I have had a
few dreams but no direct revelations. No Angel came and put a book into my
hand. No nothing like that. And yet it still feels like a gift. What I do know, and
this without any doubt, is that this is the kind of teaching and truth that I have
always believed in and wanted for myself. That still doesn’t answer the question.
Where does it come from? In terms of a figurehead I cant say. In a more certain
way I believe that Truth, maybe even Great Truth, has a need to express itself
and be heard. And it will find its own way. I find this the most hopeful definition.
Does it also mean that some of it is generated by my own mind? Yes of course.
With the influence Buddhist teachings? Yes of course. Also my own culture and
experience. I cant help that. But thats not all it is. Some frustration about what’s
available for most of us.? Yes. Teachings need to be direct. Maybe there’s a bit of
normal humanity in there? I hope so. Even so and not wishing to come across as
either proud or on the other side undervalue this writing, I think I got a lot of it
down close to the way it should be told.
NOTE (*23). Qualified to do so. I absolutely acknowledge the instruction and
teachings that I have received in Dzogchen and the Tawa (view) within this text.
I also acknowledge the Wisdom and teaching as transmitted by the Dzogchen
Master Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. I acknowledge the influence of the Chod
practice (Machig Labdrön's) in the ‘practice for lost Souls’.


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