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the White Stone
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The Visualization
Sitting quietly and away from distraction imagine yourself standing in a
great church. You are facing towards the altar which is the only source of
light. The air is warm and still and you are wrapped in a sense of well being.
As you stand there with the soft light in front of you, then you notice how
the shadow falls away behind you and into darkness and beyond. As you
look to the marble floor there is a point where shadow gives way to light.
Behind you now and passing away is all the confusion and darkness of ages,
personal and inherited, the things we fear, the attitudes that hold us, the
truths that are lies, all that binds us in suffering. Even as we look ahead we
may still feel the shadows fall behind us. We are awake and fully aware. All
we see and feel and beyond.
We take by our own free choice a small step forward and in that instant
before us is His Majesty Lord Jesus, immeasurable in beauty and luminosity,
whereby in wonder we fall to the ground. Hardly daring to look up we see
that our Lord is offering us the gift of a small white stone which we accept.
It is something that we will treasure forever.
The stone is luminous and written inside it is His Name.
The visualization will pass away.


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