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the White Stone
page 132
have set off to write this section quite a few times. Trying to find
the right way forward. I wanted to write about death and dying. It’s
something that concerns us all. At first I tried to look at it in a
comparative way. The Christian view and then, widely different, the
Buddhist view based mainly on the Tibetan book of the Dead. There is actually
some common ground between these two. It may not seem that obvious at first.
The Buddhist text is very precise, the Christian view by comparison not at all so.
More like an oral tradition.
Its all good, but I don’t think its quite enough. Death isn’t comparative either. If
I can give an obscure and rather dark analogy. Its a bit like this. A condemned
man sitting in a cold cell in the early morning can hear the heavy footsteps of
the guards approaching. Just the fact that he thinks he knows what’s going to
happen, how many steps, the stages, the last feeling of fresh air on his face, it
doesn’t alter the fact. We need something real that can help.
The truth is I don’t know any more than anyone else about what happens when
we die. Except maybe, as related before, a brief encounter with the Great Light
which scared the hell out of me. Literally. I have read a bit. Maybe a bit more
than some people. And I have a measure of faith, maybe a bit less than some
people. For the follower of Jesus there is the hope in death of release into His
glory. For the Buddhist the opportunity presents for recognition of who we
truly are in the face of absolute Reality. Both seem to indicate that a good life is


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