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the White Stone
page 134
This is a very brief rendering of the Buddhist view of dying based around the
famous ‘Tibetan Book of the Dead’. It is very simplified and really everyone
should read the whole thing. I have written this here for someone who never
actually makes it to read it. Just so they have some minimal guidance if this is the
reality that presents itself. When the moment comes.
It is important.
The Tibetan book of the Dead is also called the Bardo Thodol. It is attributed to
the Great One, Padma-Sambhava who concealed it in order that it would be
discovered at a later time, in this case by the treasure finder (Terton) named
Karma Lingapa circa. 1350.
This great Treatise is designed to be read by a teacher or companion to someone
who has died, over the 49 days of transition. It is very precise about the stages of
dying, the way that the elements that make up our body dissolve into themselves,
the arising of the Clear light of Reality at the moment of death and the
opportunity to recognize it as such and achieve Liberation from the cycle of birth
and death.
In the moment of death the Great Light of the Reality of all existence arises
before us. We need in this moment to recognize that this is who we are. We need
to pray and remember who is our Lord and who has been our guide in life and
what meditation we have done. If we are overwhelmed by fear and fail to
recognize this reality then we pass out. We fall into unconsciousness. For a period
of days.


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