the White Stone - Page 135

the White Stone
page 135
Returning to awaked ness we will have a second opportunity to recognize the
clear light of Reality.
Failing to recognize the Great Light we will go on to the intermediate stages of
the manifestation of the Peaceful Deities. Before us will arise the visions of the
Peaceful Deities. There will come at the same time the pure lights and the dull
lights of the lesser realms. Even as we are greatly frightened, if we can recognize
that the pure light is the manifestation of our own intelligence, we may be
liberated spontaneously. We should not be drawn to the dull lights. Remembering
our human life we will function as a ‘mind body’.
On the eighth day, if we still are not able to recognize our own Nature we will
come to the period of the manifestation of the Wrathful Deities. Again in this
period we may recognize these are the manifestations of our own mind stream
and we may achieve Liberation. Even so great fear may overwhelm us. If despite
all these opportunities we are not able to recognize we may go on to seek rebirth
in one of the six realms.
Dull lights of different colours will arise and we will be drawn to them. We must
chose wisely. Even so we can still close the womb gates of rebirth. We will be
drawn to what we desire. We need to find a birth of good fortune and teachings.
The dull six lights are like this. The dull white light of the Deva (God) world.
The dull green light of the Asura (semi God) world. The dull yellow light of the
human world. The dull blue light of the animal world. The dull red light of the
preta (hungry ghost) world. The smoke coloured light of the hell world. We must
avoid rebirth in the lesser realms where we will suffer greatly. Even in the human
world we suffer.


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