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the White Stone
page 136
The Christian view of death, the received Wisdom of the common man, runs
more or less like this. That if we have been good in life, if we have accepted Jesus to
be the Saviour, then we will go to Heaven. If we have been wicked we will go to
Hell. This is the understanding at its most simple and it has been like this for
centuries. Our goodness and sinfulness determine our fate. Still our recognition of
Jesus may release us.
There are of course variations and conditions. That our sins may be forgiven by a
minister of God. That faith will set us free. That there is repentance. There is an
idea that our life will ‘pass before our eyes’. That there will be some kind of
Judgement. Then within the Catholic church there is also a place for those who die,
mostly children, without baptism (limbo). And then there is the place of Purgatory
where a Soul goes for purification. Until they are worthy to be released into heaven.
Greater than all this remains this Truth. That Jesus himself by His divinity and
immaculate life was able to transcend death. The Resurrection. That he took on all
the sins of the World in atonement and sacrifice, thereby to release us into the
possibility of Eternal Life.


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