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the White Stone
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There are also everyday understandings too, maybe not teaching points as such.
That there is a Great light at the end of a tunnel where Angels will meet us,
together with our loved ones that have gone before us. And there will be our
Lord Jesus. There are real stories from people who have passed away and come
back. These are real accounts, full of hope. Stories that have changed peoples
lives. Others have returned with visions of Hell. Then there are Spirits. Lost
Souls who wander forever across the familiar haunts of their life, maybe not
even knowing that they have died. Maybe because they have been taken suddenly
or violently, or in suicide.
Others of course see the end of life as a full stop. That there is no continuation.
We live. We die. Thats it. End of story.
Maybe this is all seems too simplistic. But in all honesty I think this is a good
representation of what the common belief is. Obviously a lot of people have
read more widely than this, but this is the foundation belief.
There is some common ground in both these views.
Both the Christian view and the Buddhist view believe in the arising of a Great
Light at the moment of dying. There is common belief that our devotion to the
Godhead will help to release us. There is common belief that bad actions will
impede our progress. There is common belief in the weighing of good deeds
and bad deeds. A Judgement. Also this is in the Egyptian book of the Dead.
Anubis, the guide of the dead weighs our heart on some scales against a feather.
Then perhaps its not such a big leap to equate what is called ‘the Bardo’ or
intermediate stages with the Catholic Purgatory. A place of purification. In all
this there is a kind of understanding that we continue as some kind of ‘mind
body’. Then there is Hell. A place of great suffering.
There is no concept of rebirth (transmigration) in Christianity.


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