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the White Stone
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I’ve been involved in meditation practices since I was 19. Different kinds,
different approaches. Its been great. I thank all my Teachers. We receive
instructions but relative to this, the things we discover for ourselves are the
real learning, together with the things that we are given to understand. We
see in moments, but then this universe of truth never stands still. It keeps
My greatest Teacher will be Namkhai Norbu the Dzogchen Master. He
gave me the direct introduction. The Dzogchen teachings are the most
profound and direct that I know. Some of what is written here is
influenced and inspired by that tradition.
I was born in the West, brought up with a traditional Christian view of the
world that I felt held me back. It was never going to be enough. I needed
the actual experience. I always knew that there was a whole lot more out
there. I needed that and I needed a framework to understand it. I think a
lot of us tried a whole bunch of things back then, when we were young,
went to some strange places too, just to get our learning. Maybe now, at
long last, I can come back home.


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