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the White Stone
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The practice of ‘the MOVING STILLNESS’
We sit quietly in a calm and clear place. We let our breathing rise and fall evenly
and moderately long and deep.
Now, here’s the thing. All life starts with an inbreath. All life ends with an
outbreath. Consider that for a minute. No matter how many breaths in between,
life begins and ends like this.
As we breathe in we let this be the very first breath of our life. We let it rise long
and true to it’s full potential. Feeling what is present at the apex.
Then we let it lay gently down as if it were the very last breath of our life.
What we feel there in that space, at the full extent of our outbreath, is what
remains when our breathing stops.
We do it again. Now gradually, without blocking off (holding) we widen the gap,
but not to the degree that we get out of breath.
We need to be present in that place where there is no breath. To be aware and
present in what is there. To be present in that place.
Even where there is no movement of breath there is life and potency.
This still place tells us in a very real way that something remains when the breath
is no longer there. As in when we die.


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