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the White Stone
page 141
Now here is the jump.
Extend the line of that space. Extend it so that it is present all the way through the
process of our breathing. All the way through. Make this, feel this, to be the base
line. We can recognize that this present Awareness continues all the way through.
Then this next leap.
Whereas before we thought of our breath as the constant, we can understand
something new. In one instant. That this base is the real constant out of which our
breath arises and falls. This is the ground. The actual ground. The fundamental.
This is ‘the moving stillness’.
The quality of this dimension is ‘voidness’. Emptiness. In this way it can be said
that all of life arises out of voidness. This does not mean there is nothing there.
This space is charged with immaculate and fierce and present intelligence.
And in this moment we may understand that this, this continuing presence is who
we are. Our primal Wisdom. First to observe and recognize, to see it like someone
watching and then in a moment of true ‘Recognition’ to jump into this
understanding, if only momentarily.
Practice this again and again. A whole lifetime in one cycle of breath. A whole
lifetime! How does it feel?
Our breathing and the consciousness of breath, it is amazing. We are present in the
Word of God..


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