the White Stone - Page 142

the White Stone
page 142
he Word of God is completely free from all and any cultural or
language considerations. No sect, no tradition, no division, no people,
no race, no religion, no anything can claim it for their own. Absolutely
not. Not ever. Never.
It is absolutely and simultaneously available to all of life, and by Grace of the
Almighty, to all of us human kind. And all other worlds and dimensions.
What does ‘the Word of God’ mean in this context. It is that which creates and
dissolves. It is the Supreme ordering principle and the Supreme Active
Intelligence, self knowing and self existing. There is no place in all of existence
over all of time and space where it is not. It is all knowing and all seeing. It is
everything that is and has been and ever will be. It is beyond our comprehension
and yet with the kindness that exists we have the privilege to be able to touch the
finest edge of this storm of Consciousness. Also by virtue of a human birth. It is
the light where there is no darkness. It is the principle of the most supreme Love.


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