the White Stone - Page 143

the White Stone
page 143
In our conscious activity and in recognition of the Word ‘we can reflect back to
the Creator the wonder and beauty of His Creation’. By our free choice, willingly
undertaken. And even better than that we should know and understand that this
is what we are doing. This is the fulfillment of our gift of free will. To
understand this. The Greatness, that which is, can experience itself through us. It
is not fulfilled automatically. It is not fulfilled in unconscious activity. So much
this opportunity passes us by. It absolutely requires our presence, choice and
awareness. This is the greatest worship and praise. In this we are accomplished.
We are present in the Name of God. It is the most we could ever be or do.
This is the strongest principle of this book. This is a truly great mystery.
How do we speak the Word of God ?
We don’t. We cant. It does not come out of us. It is ultimately silent and sacred.
We have however been given ‘the Name of God’.
The ‘Name of God’ is the ‘Word of God’ become form. In sound and in
manifestation, a perfect being. In this way is the ‘Son of God’.
The perfect beings are the gift of Heaven. They are immaculate.
Their names are pathways into Consciousness. Because these Names are carried
on the breath of life we can find them there. They are perfect and incorruptible.
All distinction between different ‘Names of God’ dissolve at the place where
they return into the power of Creation. At the edge of the Infinite they return to
perfect Oneness.
Because of this there is no differentiation.
We chose the Name that will lead us into union. The name of God that we
chose will have beauty and power. I chose for myself Jesus and the Hebrew
Name of Jesus, Jeshua, Yahushua and the silent name of God in the
tetragrammaton. Jehovah and YHWH, also Yahweh.


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