the White Stone - Page 147

the White Stone
page 147
If we practice to know the Father before we have this spark of consciousness
not only will it no work
it will cause us to lose what consciousness we have. We will be overwhelmed.
the crucifixion
in death we find our true awareness and from there
we use our desire to know God
and practice
This is the final dimension of the beach and shore
in God we look to the sky
sorry to be blunt
applies to me as much as anyone:
In our desire to know Jesus is as much as we practice His Name
In our desire to know God
is as much as we practice His Name.
If we know Him before, we can be wiped out
or become inflated.
consciousness is an anchor
that keeps us safe in the face of the vastness.
Jehovah for a long breath
YHWH (Yahweh) for a shorter breath
To know the Father/Mother is to be without fear.
We will only be released into the experience
of the greatness when we are safe and able to deal with it
we are protected.


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