the White Stone - Page 148

the White Stone
page 148
o before we sit down and do this practice I want to say how it
feels and the ’attitude’ we need to take because its a bit
different. Its quite serious really and we need to approach it
correctly. With this practice we are standing as a fully aware and self
contained and conscious being at the gateway. We are standing at the outside
of Jehova’s Kingdom and we are asking to be let in.
Up until now what we have experienced in meditation is self generated. We
create the experience of calmness, agitation, and all the brightness and
turning lights. It all comes from within us. In a way its a junior version of
the real thing. Everything works but it will not overwhelm us. As before. We
are made in the image of God. A smaller version is built into us.
In this process, combined with our knowledge of the world, our
experiences, everything that we know, we stand as a solid individual. This
has been our training. Our training has been with Jesus and of this Earth,
this dimension. “I am the way. No one comes to the Father except through
me”. First we had the signpost. Then we had the Way. Now we have the
real thing.
This is a more developed (advanced) practice.


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