the White Stone - Page 149

the White Stone
page 149
This ‘I’ absolutely needs to be contained and unassailable. This is what we have
trained for. As we ask to go in or for what may come to meet us. That which is
Great. Remember we are standing at the gateway. We are at the edge asking to go
in, to meet with something that is not of us, which can wipe us out unless we are
fully present and hermetic and contained in who we are. So when we do this
practice we need to be serious. Take it seriously.
As we practice this meditation we must always pull it back into the contained
awareness. Of who we are. There will always be a tendency to release into the
ocean, because it is blissful, because it is full of wonder. We must always stay
within our contentment. We absolutely do not release into the vastness. We stay
solid. If we start to phase out we need to pull it back. What we experience now
will be what is in an absolute sense that which is Real.
I need to say this again because its really important. Remember this. We are
standing at the gateway of that which is. Keep it tight. Keep it solid.


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